Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IMM (5)

IMM (5)

This in my mailbox is a little late this week because I was out of town for the weekend. IMM is hosted by Kristi at the Story Siren. This is a weekly meme that I really enjoy because it highlights a lot of books that I am interested in reading, but don’t have the time to read and/or write a review for.

This week from childhood library:

Imaginary Girls-Nova Ren Suma
Falling Under- Gwen Hayes

From new library:
Divergent- Veronica Roth
The Goddess Test-Aimee Carter

I also picked up a couple of audio books at the library because I have never used them and I think that with all the driving I do that is a little absurd. In fact, I am a little angry at myself for never checking any audio books back when I was in college and had to drive around everywhere…

Anyway, I picked up:
Twilight-Stephanie Meyer
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim-David Sedaris
Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

I am about half way through the audio version of Twilight and will probably finish it on my drive home this weekend.
This week was a little interesting because I am back in my hometown for hospital check-ups and wedding planning. I put a couple of books on reserve at my old childhood library because I can get them faster there. Apparently not as many people want to read YA Lit there since the town is about the same size is where I live now…

Borrowed from my brother because I am a Disney freak:
Brainstorm- Don Hahn
Walt Disney- Bob Thomas
The Witching Hour- Anne Rice

I know that I will be in the mood to read this come September/October and there is no way I can read the whole thing in the time that the library would allow me to have it for. I could not find any of the other two copies I own so I went to a used book store and bought another to bring back with me.


  1. Good luck with your wedding plans and enjoy your new reads :-)

  2. I just bought "The Goddess Test" this weekend and awaiting for my name to come up for "Divergent" as I placed a reserve at my local library as it's YA reads Book chat this month :)

  3. Nice mailbox this week. I really want to read the Goddess Test. I hope you like all of your books.
    Book Sniffers Anonymous